Water Guide

In this guide to water purification you are going to learn about some of the harmful impurities in drinking water and how to keep your water healthy. I will speak from the heart and disclose the facts and the truth about water treatment as I see it. Who am I and what makes me qualified.  I am qualified to explain a few things to you about water because of my background. I studied Environmental Science in college and have over 16 years of experience working as a water treatment operator in two of Canada’s largest municipalities.  So I am aware of the impurities in our source water and the methods the municipalities use to purify it.

In a whole the water treatment authorities use the best cost effective methods to treat water and distribute it safely to their residents. Does the treatment method produce some harmful byproducts? Yes.

Are there trace impurities in our tap water that may have some harmful effects? Yes.

However you must understand this one fact, without the current water treatment methods utilized by the water authorities hundreds of thousands would fall victim to water borne diseases every year. To realize this fact just take a look at what happens when the water treatment system fails. Look back 10 years to Canada's worst-ever outbreak of E. coli contamination in a typically quiet town of Walkerton, in the rural heartland of Bruce County, Ont.

The community of Walkerton, population less than 5,000 at the time, saw 2,300 people fall ill, and seven die, after breakdowns in the local water system.  LEARN MORE.

Municipality water treatment provides safe drinking water to avoid deadly occurrences such as that in Walkerton but it is the addition of the right home water purification system that will keep your drinking water healthy.

we really needed for everything. It keeps our lawns green, it allows us to make our favorite DRINK or tea, it help provide the most basic things such as water to flush toilets or taking a shower. Even beyond personal or household use, water is used and needed everywhere. It’s a basic need that everyone should have the right to, making it important for everyone to care about. It’s not just something we should think about when there’s a drought—water is a resource we need to protect.

On a personal level water is very beneficial and helps to flush out wastes from our bodies preventing many common health problems. Water is a transport medium for the nutrients our bodies need. Body temperature (perspiration) is regulated by the amount of available water in our bodies. Water also regulates the pH balance and supports a multitude of physiological processes.