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Is the water you are drinking safe?

Is the water you are drinking safe?
Drinking Water Facts

Pollution is everyone’s concern – be it air pollution, Noise pollution or Water pollution. Technology has no doubt offered us a lot in terms of modernization but in that zest of modernization we have exploited out natural resources to great extent.

In this blog we will talk about the problem of water pollution in United states.

Water pollution is a major problem in United States. Though this problem effects the whole nation but there are some places where the problem is quite serious.

To understand it better lets have a look on the problems and where it is heading.

Pollution and contamination aren’t the same things

You won’t find the pure form of water easily, most of it is contaminated. It will have a foreign element present in it. But that doesn’t mean it is polluted. Water is polluted when a harmful substance is present in water that can cause an harm effect on human animal or plant.

Groundwater is even more heavily polluted than surface water in most places

Ground water can get polluted by absorbing different types of pollutants like chemicals, bacteria and poisonous substances. Though this is a gradual but the moment it reaches surface water – surface water also gets polluted and eventually reach residents as drinking water.

Water treatment facilities are incapable of removing all pollutants from the water

Before choosing the right water treatment it is important to know how polluted the water is ? Because not all water treatment facilities can remove all types of pollutants.

The tap water that you are drinking may meet the local standards but it is important to know whether it is meeting your requirement and standards or not. Don’t get fooled – get you tap water checked and accordingly find out Where to get clean drinking water.

You body comprises of 70% water- drink clean water and stay healthy and fit.

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