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Different types of Impurities in Drinking water

Different types of Impurities in Drinking water
Impurities in Water

Do you think it is just air and food that you need to survive? I would say you would need water also in addition to air and food. Water is our lifeline and we need it for different purposes. It is very important for us because up to 60% of the human body is covered with water. Your brain and heart are composed of 73% water, lung with 83%, skin 64%, muscles and kidneys with 79%, and bones are composed of 31% water. To make all your body parts run smoothly, an adult person should drink at least 3 liters of filtered water per day.

Water serves a number of essential functions in our body, but a large number of people do not understand how important it is. Despite the fact that drinking water is imperative to our lives, we allow water sources to get filled up with many harmful impurities. This is where the supplied water becomes impure and if you don’t get it filtered, it may cause several waterborne diseases like Cholera, Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever, Malaria, Dengue fever and many others.

What are the Different types of Impurities in Drinking water?

Impurities in water can undoubtedly cause a long list of water-borne diseases. These diseases are caused mainly due to the presence of microorganisms in the water like viruses, parasites, germs, and bacteria. The bacterial infections that you can experience due to the consumption of contaminated water are typhoid, cholera, typhoid fever or bacillary dysentery. You can also experience viral infections like infectious hepatitis i.e. jaundice and poliomyelitis. If you drink impure water that has Protozoa in it you can experience amoebic dysentery also.

Tap water supplied to our home meets all the testing standards still Drinking water supply and sanitation in India continues to be inadequate. Below mentioned are some of the most common impurities found in your tap water:

Industrial Waste

Most of the impurities present in drinking water come from the industrial waste. The common chemicals impurities that are found in drinking water are pesticides, fertilizers, prescribed drugs, manures, fuel, oil, chemical solvents etc. Can you imagine what these impurities can do to your body? This can cause serious health issues, so, you need to filter the water properly before drinking.

Chlorine & Fluoride

Chlorine and Fluoride are the most common chemicals which are usually present in tap water. These are added to the water supply in order to kill the bacteria and pathogens and make the water free from microbiological influences. However, both are poisonous substances which when combined with organic impurities became more toxic even in little amount. The presence of chlorine in drinking water for a long time can increase the risk of cancer. Mental development in children can be badly affected by the presence of fluoride.

Heavy Metals

The most common heavy metal found in drinking water are Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, and Iron. There are many old pipes and faucet in cities through which the supplied water gets passed and it can bring along with it a lot of heavy metals. Over time they can leach into our drinking water. Therefore, if the water is free from contamination when it leaves the municipal treatment plants it can get contaminated through the old pipes and faucet. These metals do not have an immediate effect on the body. However, they keep on accumulating inside the body and never get excreted out. They can cause damage to kidney, liver and many vital organs the long-term exposure to heavy metals can damage the nervous systems and young children are more prone to the toxic effects of heavy metals.

How to Remove Impurities from Your Tap Water?

The amount of harmful contaminants present in water is very shocking. There are millions of people suffering from harmful diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. However, the removal of these impurities is very simple and easy. The ideal approach to use a water filtration system at home. That’s it!

Water purifiers are very cost effective and simple way to get an ideal drinking water. Just install the best water purifier and make your tap water free from all harmful contaminants. An RO water purifier is an ideal approach to expel chemicals and sanitize your drinking water. It can effectively kill 99% of harmful impurities in water present in tap water. Hence, gives you pure and safe water.

There are many brands of water purifier in the market, which you can pick as per your preference. A brand like KENT is widely trusted by millions throughout the world.  The brand has many water purifier models which have double purification technology, unmatched performance, and high storage capacity. So, check the specifications and pick the right model that suits your budget.

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