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There has also been a growing public awareness and increasing alarm over the presence of a wide range of chemical contaminants in drinking water.  Contaminants in drinking water may come from a variety of sources; these include naturally-occurring chemicals (such as arsenic and asbestos), natural and industrial radioactive materials (such as radon), and synthetic chemicals from industrial effluents and emissions. Contaminants such as trihalomethanes may also be formed during the process of water chlorination or other treatment processes. Substances such as lead and copper may leach from the drinking water materials used in the water distribution system itself.

Glors Heating and Air Conditioning

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Is the water you are drinking safe?

Pollution is everyone’s concern – be it air pollution, Noise pollution or Water pollution. Technology has no doubt offered us a lot in terms of modernization but in that zest of modernization we have exploited out natural resources to great extent. In this blog we will talk about the problem of water pollution in United […]

Why Drink More Water?

We often hear that you need to drink more water. But did you know if you drink more water, it may help you to lose weight? Learn more about why you need more water and some easy ways to get it so that you can stay on your diet and lose weight faster. Why Drink More Water? […]

Interesting facts about water

Fascinating facts about water: Only 1,1% of the water on earth is suitable for drinking as is. Our bodies consist of 55 – 75% water. Depression and fatigue can often be symptoms of dehydration. It is healthy to drink water with meals, as it aids the process of digestion. The best way of getting rid of water […]

Signs and symptoms of dehydration

Dehydration occurs when you use or lose more fluid than you take in, and your body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. If you don’t replace lost fluids, you will get dehydrated. Anyone may become dehydrated, but the condition is especially dangerous for young children and older adults. […]