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5 Dangerous Waterborne Diseases We Need To Fight Now

5 Dangerous Waterborne Diseases We Need To Fight Now
Impurities in Water

Water is an important element of life.  As this source gives life water also has the power to bring threat to life. Waterborne diseases are the deadliest killers known to man as per The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2009.

Water is not the actual reason, the main reason is pollution, contaminants, and microorganisms that thrive in the water. One can easily get sick by drinking the contaminated water and just getting in contact with it.

Below mentioned are some of the life-threatening waterborne diseases which happen due to Bacterial Infections :

Cholera: Vibrio cholerae is the name of the bacteria responsible for the waterborne illness cholera that affects the intestine. The major symptoms are watery diarrhea and vomiting which if not taken proper care can lead to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

Dysentery: It is probably one of the most common waterborne diseases. And if you are thinking that it can be taken lightly than the fact that in most of the developing countries it kills around lakhs, of children who have not even reached the age every year can change your mind.

A microorganism called Shigella is responsible for this bacterial disease. One might have abdominal cramps, anal pain, and bloody stool as because this bacteria attacks cells in the large intestine.

Typhoid Fever: Typhoid Fever is another example of water-borne diseases. Only humans can be infected with typhoid fever. The name of the bacteria that causes this disease is called Salmonella typhi. The symptoms can be diarrhea and a skin rash with pink color spots on the chest and the abdomen. The problem with Typhoid fever is the infection can get into the bloodstream and stay even if the symptoms are cured.

Campylobacter: Campylobacter jejuni bacteria is the most cause of diarrheal illness among humans. Campylobacter can give you a severe case of gastroenteritis. This bacteria can be widely found in a wide variety of animals. This bacteria could be found in water sources and people drinking straight out of that water can be infected.

Legionellosis: Legionella bacteria is dangerous because unlike other waterborne diseases that attack the digestive system it attacks the respiratory system. Even in the water, this particular bacteria can sustain. When the mist with this bacteria is inhaled – it can show up symptoms of pneumonia. Drinking the contaminated water also can show up same symptoms.

Save your family and loved ones from drinking contaminated water. Water purification system for home can help you get clean and healthy drinking water.

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